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At, we don't believe in building something up just to knock it down! So our aim is to give a fair, realistic and achievable offer from the get-go. Sell your car in complete confidence. 

We use the industry's most current data, updated daily, to supply our users with real-time valuations that we know we can stick too. Trade My Motor, as a company, are proud to be the only online car buyer in the UK that uses a dailly updated feed from the industry's leading vehicle pricing provider.

If your car increases in value mid-month, TradeMyMotor will be the first company to offer you the extra money as we know about the change before the rest! So take the first step to a fairer price for your car and enter your registration above to get your free valuation in just 60 seconds. And don't worry, we'll buy any car.

Our Promise

In the event that our system is wrong and we place a valuation on a vehicle that we know we cannot and do not intend to pay the suggested figure, we will let you know 24 hours before attending any appointment to save you - and us - time.

Every single booking is reviewed by a manual underwriter who will call you presonally if there's an issue or we need more information to acheive the price offered. We can't say FAIRER than that, as the saying goes.

Buying cars with confidence since 2009

With the cyber world - not to mention, the car trade - being a minefield of conflicting information and opinions, one of the main things to consider and get straight is who you are selling your car to.

Is it safe and secure and will you get paid for your car? has been purchasing cars in this way since 2009 and continue to grow throughout the UK as a reputable online car buyer. Don't just think, 'will they really buy my car?' or 'can I really sell my car and get good money for it too?' - give us a call or use our online car quote valuater today.

So, if you have even a shadow of doubt, just ask a member of our team and they will be sure to talk you through how we work. When a sale is made, we also make sure your money is in your bank account that very same day.*

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